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We provide you with only the best service providers. Our partners are vetted and dedicated to provide you with the best experience.
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Finding and booking a reliable service has never been easier.
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60 seconds is our average response time for your requests. No one deserves to wait when in need.
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Our process was design with your wellbeing as the main driverYou can book one of our trusted service providers in under one minute.

Alfreda Pheidippides

This is a convenient, useful and friendly service. It’s really great for newer expats who aren’t sure where to find services like movers and mechanics and who aren’t sure how much things should cost. It’s also great for people who don’t have a lot of time to organize all those things. It’s friendly, fast, clear and reasonably priced.

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EButler matches you with the most reliable service providers in your city depending on the service you are requesting. When you go through the app, you choose the main category and follow the flow till you reach the service you want. After you choose the service you want, you enter your location and preferred date and time and EButler matches you with service providers that cover your area and are available at the time you requested. There you can review the service providers and choose the one you want to get connected to.

EButler has been inspired by the idea of having an All-in-One app on your phone that provides you with everything you need in your personal life. A true form of a Butler but in your phone. We want to make your life hassle free and give you back more of your precious time to spend with your loved ones or relax.

A Butler in a household is what a Concierge is in a hotel. Someone who is there for you to arrange anything you want taken care of. In our case, EButler is a digital Butler that connects you to the best service providers in your city . Giving you a hassle free and easy experience to find reliable providers to take care of things in your life.