Sports & Fitness

Group Training in Qatar

Group Training

Sign up for group training at gyms such as F45 in the Pearl or Qatar Foundation

KiteSurfing in Qatar


Whether you're a beginner or advanced, you can sign up for KiteSurfing and foiling lessons.

Yoga in Qatar


Our certified yoga instructors help you get your body toned while rewinding and relaxing after a long day. Yoga at home couldn't be more convenient

Personal Training in Qatar

Personal Training

A personal trainer can help you shape your body and get in better shape and gain more confidence while having fun.

Tennis Coach in Qatar

Tennis Coach

Tennis coaches can train both adults and children at your compounds courts

Swimming in Qatar


Swimming classes can be done at either the client's house or at a club for both children and adults.

EMS in Qatar


Book an electrical muscle simulation session with the option of having it either from the comfort of your home or at a center.